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  • I bought two from digi-key for 4.30 a few weeks back. Mouser had some on order for the same price.

  • Interesting project but I have no desire to fund a for profit project. If you are planning to open source it that is another story.

  • Success? I can’t speak for Sparkfun as a company but from a user experience it was a disaster. Seems like the idea was barely thought through. I mean lets look at this from a realistic point of view. Sparkfun is a business, not your friend. Every decision is motivated by money and the bottom line. “Free Day” would not have taken place if it didn’t benefit Sparkfun. There are much SMARTER ways of “giving” back. I’m sure there are plenty of schools / clubs that would have loved to get some free hardware and would have actually used it and not put it up on ebay. I personally would rather have seen a nice blog post about how Sparkfun helped out some schools that teach electronics and then a follow up on the projects the built and the kids affected.
    My point is treat it for what it is, a big publicity stunt that may or may not pay off.

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