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  • What is the Quiescent Current?

  • Did anyone notice a delay from the moment it gets powered until it starts responding? I measure 2-3 seconds (!) from the moment I power-up this BOB until I get some non-silent reading. I thought maybe something was wrong with my readings so I tried replacing it with a bare electret + opamp (LM358) and got a non-silent reading right away... btw I'm powering it with 3V

  • Just connected successfuly with avrdude on Windows 8! Instead of using the suggested windows driver, I downloaded Zadig which is a very straightforward installer for the libusb driver. (Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/libwdi/files/zadig/zadig_v2. After running it, I connected the Pocket AVR Programmer and it appeared in Zadig window as an unknown device. Then I selected the libusb-win32 driver and clicked "Install Driver". And that's it! no singed-driver problems etc.