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  • I work in IT, and if I found such a device used to block the screensaver lock, I would have to report it to my boss, who in turn would have a chat with IT security and possibly HR.
    You robably wont get more than a warning, though, but if you're on a short-term contract or a temp agency, odds are that the contract won't be renewed.
    If you need a longer unlocked time, talk with IT. Explain the issue. In my organisation we have separate GPOs in AD for machines that needs long unlock times.

  • Nothing wrong with belts, unless you plan to work on steel. But then you also need a different spindle, really. They could have used 9 or even 12mm wide belts instead of the 6mm belts used, to reduce backlast or stretching when cutting harder materials, but that's reallyonly nitpicking.

  • There are people using the older ShapeOko and ShapeOko 2 for making PCBs. (They're milling the copper off of the PCB directly, not playing with stencils or lasers) I think there's a couple of threads about it over on

  • longer extrusions aren't currently available. Edward Ford is looking at putting together upgrade kits.

  • The X-carve is based on the OLD ShapeOko 2. They just rebuilt the carriage with a custom aluminium extrusion. That may make it slightly stiffer than the SO2, but it can't be compared to the SO3 at all. The new extrusions used in the SO3 makes it a much more capable machine. And the x-carve owners needing help are jumping over to the for help...

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