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  • There are still something like 20 TACTILEs in there I would love to be able to just go to the part. I do like that some reference the site number in the description which is also searched. For example entering COM-10063 finds JOYSTICK_MINI. I still maintain it would be great to have the library name on the product page or the productID in the description of the library part.

  • Maybe I am missing it but it would be great if you guys included the Eagle name on the page. Searching ID-20 turns up nothing since you named it ID-12/20. This is a common problem I have had using your library. For example I would have never found LED Tactile button (COM-10442) without someone asking you in the comments section to get the answer TACTILE-PTH-LED-12MM.

  • You guys should be plugging your ID20s ;) I have used both the Parallax and ID-20s sold here at Sparkfun. The Parallax can read a greater variety of tags but I have had serious range issues when hooking up to 3.7v lipos even when boosting to 5v. The ID20s are not nearly as picking and work great in my mobile project. The code on the tutorial page isn't the greatest but the Arduino playground has some great code to get an ID up and running. http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/ID12

  • Can't make sense of toggling the virtual keyboard in the Users Manual. Does anyone have some code they could share? Looking to build a bluetooth barcode reader with an Arduino so I need to be able to toggle the keyboard. I can currently scan barcodes into the iPhone via HID but I can't get the keyboard to toggle for the life of me!

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