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  • As a newbie, I find this thread confusing. I am attaching my MPR121 board to my Arduino Uno via the 3.3V pin supplied on the Uno board, as is done in the Bldr example cited above. Is there anything I have to worry about? Do these comments about 3.3 vs 5V apply only to some other hardware configuration, as I hope?

  • I enjoyed reading about the Rockwell group and your work in particular, and thank you for sharing your experience. I wondered if you had any thoughts about my posting of earlier today (see below) with respect to adjustment of the touch and release threshold values for the board.

  • I'm working on my first Arduino project, which uses the MPR121 breakout board with an Indium-Tin-Oxide coated plastic sheet as the proximity detector. I based my code on that available in the Bldr tutorial (http://bildr.org/2011/05/mpr121_arduino/), which appears in turn to use large chunks of the Example Code provided here by Sparkfun. To my pleasant surprise, it all worked, until I installed the ITO plastic pad in its final location, and now the system responds as if the pad is continually being touched. I anticipated this, and assume that the solution is to adjust the touch and release threshold values (TOU_THRESH, REL_THRESH). However, there is no clear guidance as to how to do so, and I find the Freescale documentation daunting to say the least. I'm further confused in that the touch and release thresholds are set, respectively, to 6 and 10 in one example, and 15 and 10 in another (that is, the order of their magnitudes are reversed). I can certainly plunge into lots of experimentation to sort this out, but thought I'd post here first to see if I can cut to the chase by building upon the advice of someone who knows this product well. Thanks in advance for sharing any experience or providing helpful guidance.

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