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Hector Bravo

Member Since: August 2, 2013

Country: Spain

  • I suffered the PID change (not in a sparkfun product but a chinese clone) just yesterday when I plugged in a new USB switch. I usually use version 2.08.28 as newer ones always gave me problems (I suppose the "problem" can be detected by new drivers and change PID). I usually take care about that when I plug the FTDI into a new USB port as I know newer versions don't work for me. Yesterday I went to the kitchen just after plugging in and after disconnecting it later it didn't work. I noticed PID was somehow changed to 0000 and didn't know why! I just discovered why happened now reading the article. However, I managed to make it work in windows just editing the files ftdibus.inf and ftdiport.inf in my original 2.08.28 driver folder. I had to make the same change with another Cypress chip I in the pase, so that's why I looked at the PID instantly after the issue. On ftdibus.inf I added a new line to the sections [FtdiHw], [FtdiHw.NTamd64] and [Strings], just copying a valid entry (there are several ones) on them and changing the PID to 0000. On ftdiport.inf, do the same on the same sections. And with that you're done. Driver won't be signed so Windows will show a warning message, but it just works. And as PhillyNJ pointed, using MProg3.5 you can change back PID to 6001. Just did it on my bricked device and it's recognized again with right PID

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