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  • The best microcontroller on the market. Bar none. After having this I cannot ever justify or see myself going back to a PIC or ATmel chip. Oh and the OBEX is amazing.

  • Some clarity & questions about this MCU.

    • Yes this is the PICAXE 40X2 which is the Microchip PIC18F45K22 with PICaxe bootloader.
    • This version is the Universal Voltage Range (2.1V - 5.5V) operating range.
    • Internal frequency is set to 8 MHz (default), can be set to 16 MHz max via setfreq command.
    • External frequency can be set to 64 MHz (MAX) via crystal and capacitors on pins 13 & 14 labelled 'Resonator'.

    • There are two 'V+' pins. Do they both get connected to Vcc? If so does Vcc need to be divided into the two pins, or is only one required? E.g: 5V divided to 2.5V for pins 11 & 32 or 5V in either pin 11 or 32.

    • The same question with respect to ground (0V) on pins 12 & 31.
    • When using X/X1 code it is possible to convert via Wizard in linAXEpad/Programming Editor. However, there appears no mention if X2 code can be backwards compatible on X/X1 chips. Is X2 code auto-corrected for X/X1 chips?
  • I have ordered mine and will receive this upcoming week (08/05/13). The issues seem to be Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and all Macs. Fortunately I use Ubuntu 13.04 and will be able to let the linux crowd know whether it works or not. I don't suspect I will have any issues as I plan on flashing the FT232R to work with PICAXE right out of the box. Also I will be desoldering the Audio Jack and substituting it for a more appropriate header. For more info on the Headers swap, refer to my previous post mentioned below. Hope this helps any of you out in your buying decision.

  • This is what I am really wanting to know. I looked at the schematic they have and my thinking is just make a cable/dongle with 5V/GND/Tx/Rx so basically 4 wires, and rig them up to a USB cord. Essentially it's the same thing. I'm still going to get the board but remove that audio jack and swap for headers or something. There's a via on the board so it might require putting them in two chunks. My thinking is to take a 6-female header across it to bridge that gap with only using one cable/device. You'd have an extra pin. From the looks of it an extra pin/slot won't interact or mess with the board in any way.

    In any case, it's worth considering because this board is really nice but that 3.5mm audio jack is just horrible looking and really is an extra thing I'll have to buy; not something I'm interested in regardless of the price. Extra crab on my desk is extra crab, whether it's $10 dollars or 10 cents makes no difference.

    Should I work this out I will post it.

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