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  • Congratulations on the migration. I read about the inventory tracking problem. It almost sounds like what you guys need is a small WMS package. WMS - Warehouse Management System. There are many vendors out there and a ton of packages. But basically a WMS package would do a lot for you, including helping you map out the locations in your warehouse.

    A WMS could help: 1. Track incoming receiving and purchase orders. 2. Manage receiving locations, inventory locations, and shipping docks. 3. Help put away stock to correct locations. 4. Help with picking orders from the correct inventory locations. 5. Reports to track inventory flow. 6. Cycle counting - to count locations and figure out what is there ( and identify inventory shortages ). 7. Interfaces to UPS, Fed-Ex, etc for shipping.

    Etc, Etc. I think you get the point.

    You could probably do your own system too, but I would recommend studying the existing WMS/Supply Chain software solutions, because just tracking inventory is the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more capability in some of the WMS packages then you could just code on your own quickly.

    Good luck! Tracking inventory is definitely something that is needed as you guys ship and receive more products.

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