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  • I'm suspicious that the "opaque epoxy package" isn't really "opaque." :)

  • I tend to believe that vision processing is a bit cost-prohibitive for keeping stuff in the air. It would be great to see some assisted positioning technologies made available as part of AVC. I'm thinking of the kind of things that traditional pilots have been using to keep their planes in the air since the beginning of time, like some micro-version of VOR. Or a bunch of NRF51822 beacons. Or some external camera tracking which would relay the X/Y/(Z) position via radio link.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with :)

  • Would love to get my hands on the Eagle files for this, especially the board layout. The schematic and board layout are available for the chip antenna version, so you might have some luck with that design, and the photo of this one for layout.

  • On a Mac, there's an arguably easier way to install libraries, within your Sketchbook folder. See my comment on that, here.

  • On a Mac, it's also possible to install libraries the Arduino Sketchbook folder. For my Mac, that's:


    For me, I find it's better to keep the main Arduino distribution clean, and install my own stuff in my user directory.

  • From what I can tell, this is the same chip antenna as used in SparkFun's Transceiver nRF24L01+ Module with Chip Antenna board. This board's Eagle files point to the "ANTENNA-CHIP5" component under the SparkFun-RF library.

    I've used this CHIP5 footprint and antenna in my designs, and it's worked for me!

  • I've got a bike light that's got a single LED (but with a parabolic reflector). The LED is about the same specs as one of these, and it's blinding.

    So if you were to build one with all five, it would certainly be bright. You might need something a bit larger than "a little aluminum housing" though.

  • Were you trying to power your Arduino through the barrel jack using a 5v supply? The MC33269D-5.0 voltage regulator on the UNO can drop up to 1.35v off whatever you power it with, which could explain the 3/4 deflection. But you've had success since? I'm considering purchasing one of these to use with analogWrite().

  • Same here. I was expecting the same one that's in the Crystal Kit.

  • I see where this is going. Any chance of stocking the Hirose connectors (and possibly, in the variety of stack heights that Intel specifies)?

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