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  • I’m new to electronics and i wonder if you can control this servo motor with a toggle switch. I want to control it with a toggle switch because i am working on a control panel for a go-kart, the panel will be made of some toggle switches with fancy “misile” covers, the switches will be used to toggle various things in order for it to start, but what i want to use the servo motor for is to pull a lever in the motor (Specifically the choke and gas on/off levers) so as said, can you control the motor with a toggle switch. Example: when the toggle switch is OFF, the motor will be at a neutral position where it does not pull the lever, when the toggle switch is ON, the motor will be at a position pulling the lever to activate the respective functions.

    I hope this was not too complicated to read, i found it hard to descripe this without some gramatical blurrrrr :D

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