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  • Another Update:

    1. Instead of ordering another WT controller, I found the following: http://www.atlanta-robotics.com/Dual_Hbridge_Motor_Drive.php This drives up to 30AMPS :-).

    2. I called the number on a Sunday morning and left a message if I could get one. It just happens that the owner (Jeb) lives close to Atlanta which is not far for me. He called me back shortly and said, he could assemble it for me in about couple of hours.

    3. So I got this and guess what? This is sooooo worth it. I went to the store and got a Mega Board and with this controller I'm back to working on my project again.

    4. I paid $45 + $35 for the adruino mega = $80, but I think this motor driver is much awesome. I've been testing this and it works superb :-)

    5. Couple of things to keep in mind, the Atmega chip in WD controller is old. you would need Arduinio IDE 1.02. The latest IDE will not support uploading sketch. So I'm convinced, getting this motor controller and getting the latest REV 3 is the way to go.

  • Update: I did find the problem with the wild thumper board - It turns out the mini USB connector is the culprit. (It came out loose). If I press really hard on it, then I could try to upload the sketch :-( (Not sure how to fix it)

  • Folks, Please DO NOT buy this controller. This is not Sparkfun's fault, however this controller is JUNK.

    1. I just got mine, initially the "battery good" light was on ALWAYS.

    2. I uploaded the Wild thumper code and it fixed it.

    3. It worked for 5 minutes, now the "battery good" light (led 5) ALWAYS BLINKS.

    Hope someone even thinking of this controller - PLEASE save your time and go with the latest UNO and a motor shield. This controller is just headache. 5 Good minutes is how long it worked. I probably will be requesting Sparkfun to take this controller back.

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