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  • First I was interested. But I can't find real specs? I have to go through the examples, the wicki and search for bits of information laying around. The specification:imp001 is a joke, Sorry. Take a look on any Microchip or Atmel data sheet and you know what I am looking for. Where are the numbers ;-) like characteristics of the code size & speed, PWM, AD, DA, Pulse Count, ... I miss the hard facts on one sheet and all the details on some of the next pages. If I decide for a project I don't need buzzword flyers and I don't wan't to read dozens of wiki pages and poke some number from some example code.

    The DAC for example: "The pin is configured as an analog (DAC) output. Use pin.write(x), where x is a value between 0.0 and 1.0, to set the output voltage, from 0V to the imp's power-supply voltage (usually 3.3V)." That's all? What about resolution, setup time, conversion time, ...?

    What would happened to the pins if the internet / "cloud" connection is lost, reconnected, auto update imp firmware? What happened to the pins on power on? power of? brown out?, ...

    Sorry, but the whole project looks in the actual state like a thing for toys to me. Not very serious and reliable. The make and DIY community prefer open hardware and open source. What is the target user group of the electric Imp?

    To me the "cloud" only in combination with closed source is the real dead end. Why not an option to work without the "cloud"?

    Last but not least: For security reasons I would prefer a cheap $20 wireless router like TP-Link Nano Router TL-WR702N outside the firewall only for the Electric Imp.

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