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  • Guys, great product! I have 4 of them working perfectly! Just a question, what can I do in order to set the charging voltage from 4V to 4.2V? Which resistor in the eagle file should I change?

    Tnx a lot!

  • I'm confuse about the schematic. They are using a P-Mosfet between the (resistor + Led) and Ground. With this configuration it seems to me the Mosfet will go to an undefined state:

    Gate=5V Source=5 V => Mosfet OFF Gate=0V Source=5V => Mosfet ON. But at this same moment the current will start flowing and so S->0V (The same as Drain) Gate=0V Source=0V => Mosfet OFF But if there is no current flowing, S->5V and so the Mosfet will switch to On again. While Gate=0V, the Mosfet will be switching between On and Off...

    Does somebody know what am I missing?

    From what I know of P and N channel Mosfets, this is a configuration for an N Channel Mosfet, not P (P-Mosfets Souce should be tight to VCC and Drain to the LED)

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