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  • The instructions say that when you first plug in MM, the driver is unable to install successfully and appears as USB IO Board.

    When I first plugged in my MM, my Windows 7 system saw it as an Arduino Leonardo device, being unable of course initially to install the driver.

    When I then tried to update the driver for MM mentioned above (, the update failed.

    Subsequently, I installed the Arduino environment, part of which is the Arduino Leonardo USB driver. Upon completion, whenever I plug in my MM, the device driver in my system’s devices appears as Arduino Leonardo – successfully installed this time.

    I tried running the example (makey_makey_1_4_1.ino), first selecting Makey Makey in Arduino’s environment Tools–>Board menu, and then selecting Arduino Leonardo as the Board. In both cases, the sketch failed.

    In particular, when I tried to upload the script with the board selected as Arduino Leonardo, I got the following failure message:

    Found programmer: Id = “B―—”; type = Software Version = . ; Hardware Version = . avrdude: error: buffered memory access not supported. Maybe it isn’t a butterfly/AVR109 but a AVR910 device?

    So, what is the solution?

    What am I supposed to select as a Board? Makey Makey, or Arduino Leonardo?


  • I tried to upload your example with the KEY_RETURN setting. Unfortunately it failed, and regrettably I can’t remember the failure message. From then on, I am unable to use my makey makey: I don’t get any of the inputs fed into my pc. Please help me. How can I reset my makey makey?

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