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  • Here's another "me too" from an existing customer saying... cart was ready... site never even responded starting couple of hours before the event and until well after the $100K was gone. I was going to get a few items I'd been wanting to toy with but hadn't talked myself into buying yet.
    I hope you got plenty of business from existing customers and not just people who read about this on the tech blogs and chose to order something pointless just to be part of a "thing". Those are the kind of folks who buy the "BoC" from Woot just to feel like they are part of something.
    I don't think it's reasonable to expect you to scale your servers and connectivity to handle one-off events like this, but I do think it's advisable to take the slashdot effect into consideration in the future and have a plan. An inventation-only event for existing customers may be one thing to consider if you ever do this again.
    All of the above being said, I applaud the idea. I don't feel "entitled" to something like this and so I don't bear any sour grapes for having missed out on it. I think you probably got a reasonable amount of publicity for it which may have made it all worth while.

  • Please add a note that indicates these ship with Series 2.5 radios. I made the mistake of ordering a Series 1 radio for the computer-side of a connection I intended to make with these. The pictures shows Series 1 but my Arduino XBee shields shipped with Series 2.5 (which is fine -- better, in fact -- I just didn't expect it).

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