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  • Hello, I am also attempting to work with the 9DOF Razor IMU with the Arduino Uno. I have been able to see the data from the IMU in real time in the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE. I need no code to get this output. By uploading the code below to the Arduino Uno I still get data.

    void setup() { } void loop() { }

    If I add a Serial.begin(XXXX); anywhere in the code the data from the IMU stops. Above Mike states "To have the Arduino receive and act on the data coming from the Razor, you’ll need to write a sketch to grab the data from the serial port and interpret it as required." I followed his advice and read up on Serial commands in the references section. It looks as if I need a line like "myData = String(;" (I want the data as a string to be able to extract each individual data output (Ax, Ay, Az, etc.) to other variables). The line of code above just returns -1, and from the reading I have done this means that there was no data to read. If I have a Serial.begin(XXXX) command before this line, the output is still -1. I believe that this is because the data stream from the IMU appears to be stopped.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Could somebody suggest some code that may work? I have a suspicion that I may need to load code onto the IMU itself. Will that fix the problem, and if so what code should I use to do this?

    Thanks for your help! Evan

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