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  • Got my box in today, and I was super happy with my haul. Inside were Olimex LPC-H2103, LPC-H2214, LPC-H2294 ARM7 dev boards (runs $30 for the 21, $90 each on the 22s), and a PIC-MT-USB PIC dev board with a 16x2 LCD ($30). Some kind of Parallax BASIC Stamp starter kit, the devboard is whatever but it comes with a nice little baggy full of LEDs, resistors, caps, trimpots, a 7-seg LED and a cute little servo (runs about $50?). Rounding it out are two lit rockers, couple of pretty beat up looking orange lamps, a pile of universal mounting hubs, and half of the parts for a Quadbot kit but not the half you’d want.

    Lots of micros but thankfully that’s the kind of thing I like to play with! Definitely got my $22 worth, thanks Sparkfun! I’ll be there the next time you guys fill up your dumpster.

  • You’re taking this thing kind of seriously man. Its just a box of literal garbage, maybe you should calm down.

  • Negative 30 minutes, sorry you already missed your chance.

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