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  • yes, please. You recommend the 5V FTDI basic, but the Simblee docs are pretty explicit about "3V only." There's a regulator between the 5V line and the power inputs, so the power input pretty much needs to be 5V, but the FTDI basic switches power and IO at the same time, right? Worried...

  • Does Simblee support various BT profiles, or does it talk ONLY to their App?

  • One common example to think about is what your system should do when a memory leak causes it to run out of memory. Pride says that the system should not crash. But frankly, if it crashes and reboots (in <1min) every hour, that's PROBABLY a lot better than just sitting there indicating a "no memory" error.

  • Is it spring loaded "return-to-center"?
    A fair amount of effort in the RC community has been taking pots from the PS2 controllers and REMOVING that capability (traditionally on a dual-stick RC, your "turn" joystick is spring loaded, but the "throttle" joystick isn't. Or something like that...)

  • Are there two versions of the USB/TTL Serial breakout cable? I have a Modern Devices Bare Bones Board and the FTDI cable that they sell, and the connector pin labeled 3.3V on the "Pro" is labeled (and measures) 5V on the BBB... (Granted, the "pro" is designed to spend less time connected to USB...)

  • According to wikipedia, a "MMC Micro" card is NOT QUITE the same as a microSD card. So perhaps someone made a large lot of MMC-micro cards, only to discover that MMC "lost" to SD, and put them inside the SD case instead. If they're really MMC cards inside, they may not support the full SD featureSet, but then a lot of things that use SD cards wouldn't care anyway...

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