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  • I guess I’ll have to test this out.

  • I can confirm after dissection that these batteries are two Lithium Polymer cells in series. It also appears that there is no integrated buck-boost converter or anything. There does however appear to be some basic safety circuitry.
    You will only get 8.4 Volts for this battery for a brief period of time, however most voltage regulators won’t care.
    These batteries should be fairly safe since the hard plastic case should prevent the lithium from reacting with the air if the cell ruptures. However if the batteries become bloated or puffy I would suggest you stop using them.

  • The pins on this connector are slightly too long. The data sheet specifies a length of 2mm as opposed to 4.5mm for the mating area.
    On the other hand this does give you some room for double stick tatpe to secure the receiver.

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