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  • I'm not sure if I'm going insane, but I think the footprint for the FT230X is incorrect.

    It looks like you've got the FT230X QFN pinout mapped to the FT230X SSOP package. The SSOP has the USB interface on pins 8 and 9, while the QFN has the USB on pins 6 and 7.

  • See my earlier comment regarding tube life:

    You would have to contact LND to determine what the effects of the significantly excessive voltage would do to the tube. I believe it will work, but significantly reduce the tube life.

    From my reading, modern halogen-quenched tubes are good for something like ~1E9 ionization events. Assuming 30 events per minute – 30*60*24*365 = 15,768,000 events per year. As such, even if you reduce the tube life by 2 orders of magnitude (to 1E7), you would still reasonably expect the tube to function to some extent.

    Basically, one year of activity at 30 CPM is not enough to detect a reduction to 2% of the nominal tube life.

    Basically, you could have lost 98% of the tube lifetime, and the time you have run your device would not suffice to detect any damage to the tube.

    Effectively, one year at a normal background level is not very many events, compared to the lifetime the tubes are specified for. Also, the tube life is not specified in time, it's specified in ionization events.

  • Ok. I can fix the board I have. Just make sure the product gets fixed for the future.

    Also, maybe some better pre-sale design verification is called for.

  • There is seriously no copper pullback around the mounting holes? WTF? That is really trivial good-practices.

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