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  • Hi JoelEB, I believe your response is misleading. This board "should" output a single voltage proportional to the value of the code that you send to it. While you "can" make it output a varying voltage, you do that by repeatedly sending it different values that will cause the voltage to vary.

    Example: From the datasheet: VOUT = (VREF * Dn)/ 4096

    This means that if you send it a single binary value of 4096 that it will output a steady state voltage equal to VREF.

    If you send it a binary 0, then it will output a voltage of 0 volts.

    The only time it will output a varying voltage is when you program a loop to "continuously" send it varying values to cause the output to vary with the desired amplitude and time scale (up to the limits of the device of course).

    In a nutshell, it DOES output a constant voltage. That is what it is designed to do. That voltage is programmable and if re-programmed fast enough it can output a rather low frequency sine wave.

    Hope that helps

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