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Electronic Technician for around 30+ years, programmer in Delphi Pascal, National Instruments Labview, PIC programming, Knowledgeable in Data acquisition systems.


Currently employed in transportation sciences research and vehicle crash testing for automotive safety.



Programming Languages

Delphi Pascal, PIC Programming, Labview


US Navy Trained as an Electronics Technician


Data Acquisition, Consumer Electronics repair, Programming


Electronics design, programming, video editing, Karate, and playing Guitar

  • Just a suggestion as I did some research on measuring both speed and displacement on steel cables. Check out this website.
    These systems are expensive but do the job very well.

  • Just would like to add a layout suggestion. Maybe make the width of the board so that the spacing between the 2 rows of connection pads (like for .1 male headers) would be made so that this breakout board would align up with pads on another .1" spaced proto board if someone needed to place this on another circuit board. Hope I made some sense here.

  • Cmos or CCD? I don’t like Cmos cameras they just don’t offer that good of video. Was looking at video security cameras the other day and none of the packages would state whether they were Cmos or CCD. Sales person didn’t know either. To me there is a big difference in the quality of the video between the two.

  • OK, Figured I can flatbed scan one of these boards and create a Pdf of the layout and see how that work out. Otherwise maybe I’ll make one in eagle or other pcd application and put it into a Pdf. Will provide a link on Sparkfun’s forum when done.

  • Firstly, Great Product.
    I would have to agree with previous poster for a Pdf of the board for layout sketching.
    Also, bigger is better. How about a larger board, with maybe some smd (soic ?) pads connected by the 20 mil traces to the plated thru holes? Not for the smaller board but for a larger sized one. Maybe a layout similar to the Diprotodon Protoboard or add this design to the Diprotodon instead.

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