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  • For anyone having problems similar to “I Dream of JNE”: I found using the Arduino Uno was the problem. Switched to the Mega2560 and used serial3 for communications and the following code: (Ps use carriage return on serial monitor and if the led on the ENV-32X is not green send it a line ie. “M” and use 3.3V)

    //Test Code for ENV-32X by MDW (30-12-2013) using Atlas Scientific code as ref.

    boolean WriteBufferCheck = false;

    boolean ReadBufferCheck = false;

    String WriteBuffer;

    String ReadBuffer;

    void setup()





    void loop()


    while ((WriteBufferCheck == false) && (ReadBufferCheck == false)){

    if (Serial3.available()){
      char outchar = (char)Serial3.read();
      ReadBuffer += outchar;
      if(outchar == '\r') {
      ReadBufferCheck = true;
    if (Serial.available()){
      char inchar = (char)Serial.read();
      WriteBuffer += inchar;
      if(inchar == '\r') {
      WriteBufferCheck = true;


    if (ReadBufferCheck == true){

    ReadBuffer = "";
    ReadBufferCheck = false;


    if (WriteBufferCheck == true){

    WriteBuffer = "";
    WriteBufferCheck = false;



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