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  • I'm building Popular Mechanics BYFR and I don't know if this remote was even what i needed, is this Sony universal remote compatible?

  • Wow inspiring. I am 20 years and graduated high school over two years. Recently my girlfriend encouraged me to think about going back to school and so I've been studying 5 days a week for I think 8 weeks now and it's been amazing. It feels great to learn again and ever since my junior year in high school I always had a thing for seeing robots and was instantly inspired by seeing the stuff on Ted. Unfortunately I never had a chance to learn before. So about a month and a half ago I bought my first Arduino microcontroller. And two weeks ago I began buying the rest of the parts for Popular Mechanics BYFR. I must say, after having put the robot together I am in awe.. I never thought I could do this on my own and though I am struggling with the programming, I am stubborn to give up. These kids have inspired me (because I haven't got my robot to do a single thing then just tick lol) but I won't give up. Thanks guys

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