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  • Not really experienced with Arduino and even less so with github. I installed the most recent version of the Arduino IDE last night. I can't say I have if problem with the hardware, because I can't get the code to compile. I downloaded, the library .zip file then used the Arduino IDE, Libraries >Manage >add .zip file to install it. I then loaded the Examples > node file into the Arduino IDE. It wouldn't compile. I getting library file errors on the spi flash .lib file. I then used the "copy code " button to copy the code directly from the tutorial and got the same errors. I pretty sure it's something I'm buggering up but cant find it. I'll post the actual error comments later today, since I'm not at that machine now. Thanks for the sanity check.

  • Wow this is really as close to plug and play as it gets. Not that I didn't have issues getting it together but once running, I could see just how functional it really is. Thanks to the turtorials, getting to the command set was straight forward enough. Auto file numbering, no special commands to open or close files, it simply does it. Power it up send it data power it down, open the file and there it is. It took me a bit to determine how I wanted to load it, but that was simply formatting serial preint commands. Very cool.Right on the mark with this product.

  • Yes thanks indeed to John Vaughters. I'd have never got this running on my own. Comments below mentioned pull up resistors. There were none shown on the schematic? So now that I have the clock set, I want to read it as a time stamp for a logger. I'll have to use the libraries and whittle the code for my application. It feels like cheating but I'm still toddling along learning the code and the syntax

  • Will this product fit the Leonardo?

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