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  • News - New Product Friday: Chomp… | about 6 days ago

    Or you forget (never knew) what the data even means…

  • Product BOB-09558 | about 6 days ago

    Oh man…I am trying to design an enclosure for this and there are no dimensions on the holes…

  • News - April Caption Contest | last week

    Actually I did not know it was referring to that for certain. I was pretty much “What?” So apparently I needed “my sign” for the day.

  • News - Heartbleed | last week

    The Open Source communities are Big Boys now. They surely can take the FUD like anyone else. Thanks for getting the word out. I took some measures to protect some stuff of mine as a result. I think big credit card processors need to get the hint that storing credit cards is a bad idea. Paypal and Amazon are two of the ones I am thinking of. I exercise the option to delete that and deal with having to manually put it in every time.

  • News - April Caption Contest | last week

    Beat what? I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean. Seriously, is this some ref to the colors of a meter or something?

  • News - April Caption Contest | last week

    Mulitiple Choice:

    A. Classic:
        Of Mi...err...Birds and Men.
    B. Really classic:
        To tweet or not to tweet...
    C. No class:
        I has two birds...  um... I had two birds, cause I eats one.
  • Product KIT-09774 | about 3 weeks ago

    I had to buy new Banana Jack posts from Radio Shack to make this work right. The posts that are included are very cheap quality. I ended up getting 274-0661 Insulated Binding Posts. These are significantly shorter and have an all metal mounting post. The new posts themselves are thin so I filled the original mounting holes in the board with 2 part epoxy (put tape on bottom to act as molds). Then I drilled holes to fit the posts exactly. I put those in the board and used the tabs to solder to the holes. Another issue with these boards it is exceedingly difficult to solder the grounds. I ended up cranking my iron to 800 def F and using lots of flux to get those to solder properly.

    So between running to the Shack and fixing the board to make it usable I would probably just rig up my own solution in the future. Like eqrunner said, these boards need a re-think.

  • News - Fluke Responds to Tradema… | last month

    I am impressed by Fluke’s response. Glad to see there are companies that will work things out.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Yes, yellow means it is safer. Yellow wont let you do stupid stuff. It is magic yellow. Of course us arm chair experts (in my case, electrical engineer) don’t have a clue about anything. Because if I think Fluke is being a bunch of jerks I am obviously wrong. Because yellow is magic and reserved for only Fluke meters.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    I do think the color scheme on the meter is similar to Fluke’s color scheme. That is where is ends though. Every Fluke I have ever used has yellow rubber on it. Not plastic.

    I do not see how these could be considered counterfeit. This action by the DHS is purposeful and calculated by Fluke. This is not the first time a company will abuse government agencies to damage competition. If Fluke really felt these were infringing they should have sent you a letter and discussed it. Instead they wanted to make an example of you and any other competition. They knew full well the economic damage this would do.

    I will definitely be looking to get industrial meters and equipment elsewhere. I know Sparkfun may have to play the political game to not show bias for or against Fluke, but I don’t have to. Yes, companies are required to defend their trademark, but this NOT the way to do this.

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