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  • This is what I was thinking, but didn’t know it.

  • Might be able to force a CMOS device to handle this. I would probably just use a 5V zener and a regular diode to block the negative half. Then feed that to a Schmitt trigger gate.

  • “The latest greatest IDE is now available for download.” As in the highest IDE number Arduino has put out? The bestest ever IDE Arduino has put out? Or did you mean the best IDE out there? That last one I would not agree with at all. :)

  • I thought it was aether… Also, how do you explain the wibbly wobbly timey wimey substance in a vacuum that tends to keep objects in motion that are in motion? Is time-space bending around the object and filling behind it? If it is not called aether what do you call it? It does do “stuff”: It is not a gas, liquid, solid, or plasma.

    Yes, the term aether had different connotations way back when. However, we are observing “something” that fills space.

  • Will this give out a number or will it give me multiple pulses if it passes through a translucent material? I would like to get 2 to 3 reflections as it passes through a clear plastic. That would be the front surface, the back surface, and the surface behind that.

  • All Radio Shacks are not going away. Just the ones that are not profitable. So the one in my town is here to stay. Not sure how it will change though. I told an employee that if they have input on how Radio Shack should change then they should engage the community by being involved with and putting in place maker spaces.

    As for the cell phone and battery sales angle I got so tired of that. I actually wore a hat one day that I had a piece of paper attached that said, “No, I don’t want any cell phones or batteries.” One of the sales guys still asked if I wanted batteries. The other guys said, “Did you read his hat?” We have a good laugh about it.

    Now I just walk into the store and ignore the salesmen. Always going back to the parts section.

  • I never wanted a Pi before, but now after seeing it used as a low cost server for “whatever” use I want one. I have an idea for a project that involves creating bogus traffic on the internet to foil some not so secret information collection systems. It would require millions of devices, but could make all the data collected hard to decipher.

  • I have seen this in telecom via a cellphone. They kept on putting garbage on my phone that would eat battery life. So I rooted and changed firmware. The phone worked just fine. They never complained that I had changed it. The phone outlasted my service with them and continues to work better than my new phone with a different telecom. I use it a general purpose computing device now. Alarm clock, MP3 player, etc. At least in the cell phone arena they seem to understand why security patching is important.

  • You can get a lot of the panel and physical layout for the LEM. All of that technical info is out there. So one could make a very accurate LEM module as a playhouse outside. Would be an awesome complement to this project.

  • SWEEEEEEEET! I really like this. Next is voice changer and full costume.

    Way to go!

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