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  • After reading this: It is clear to me that SRL is acting in “bad faith” toward its original partners and the community (the public partner). So I would like to have a clear indicator on Sparkfun sold products where any royalties are going. So if I go to the UNO product page it should clearly state who benefits SRL or LLC.

    Thanks for making this issue transparent Sparkfun. I know it is a pain that you even have to deal with this. It is not fun at all.

  • While the product specialists are an okay temporary substitution, neither one is as hot as “the bearded one”. ;)

  • This is our blue screen. Originally we were going to digitally place something cool in the back ground, but George photo bombed the session.

  • He’s T on T, he’s dynamite…

  • jim jiminy jim jiminy jim jim jaroo

  • Please get more of these in stock and please get the flange less version too. I bought one from a competitor and it took a week to get here. It also was $13 shipping UPS ground. Which is ridiculous. I came here first before buying but nothing was in stock. I was going to get this version and chop off the flange.

  • This is what I was thinking, but didn’t know it.

  • Might be able to force a CMOS device to handle this. I would probably just use a 5V zener and a regular diode to block the negative half. Then feed that to a Schmitt trigger gate.

  • “The latest greatest IDE is now available for download.” As in the highest IDE number Arduino has put out? The bestest ever IDE Arduino has put out? Or did you mean the best IDE out there? That last one I would not agree with at all. :)

  • I thought it was aether… Also, how do you explain the wibbly wobbly timey wimey substance in a vacuum that tends to keep objects in motion that are in motion? Is time-space bending around the object and filling behind it? If it is not called aether what do you call it? It does do “stuff”: It is not a gas, liquid, solid, or plasma.

    Yes, the term aether had different connotations way back when. However, we are observing “something” that fills space.

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