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  • Ok for those interested: setting the microstepping mode "manually" with the

    boardA.setParam(STEP_MODE, STEP_SEL_1);

    command fixed that issue. The "configStepMode()" function didnt work for some reason.

  • I'm using the Autodriver with a NEMA 17, 1.8A Stepper and the standard arduino example. The stepper starts to move only when I lower the KVAL values to < 20, which was a little strange, but .. ok. But I can not get the microstepping option to work. Whatever command I send to the motor, it doesnt make a difference in motion and is not smooth at all. And hints, anyone?

  • Hi, after some fiddling around I got the dSpin running with an Arduino Uno. But I experience strange behaviour of the “move” command: when issuing 200 Steps it just moves a little bit, only when passing ~25000 steps it moves one whole revolution. Any ideas where that could come from ?

    I’m using a Nema 1,2A 1,8° Stepper, Arduino and the dSpin. moritz

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