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  • That looks epic - I would love to give that a try.

  • I do appreciate that they give back to the customer base that supports them and makes them thrive but I do wish they had kept the years of customer bit from last year - not anywhere near $100 but after typing in captchas for a little over 2 hours before not being able to read them straight in any manner did kind of suck. To all those that won congrats for those that didn't oh well. I didn't win the first year and took the easy route the second and took my $30. Thought that this year's was a neat concept but the implementation through its pure random chance didn't make it nearly as fun as bashing keys to just get logged in. But anyways. Thank you SparkFun for the opportunity to win (even if I didn't) and I will continue to support them as a company

  • watched the vid and couldnt help but chuckle at it - very awsome application of electronics. would buy one if they were cheaper

  • Well I for one would like to thank SparkFun for being so generious; I took the loyalty route and got $20 but thats better then I managed last year so while I was kind of disappointed last year I managed to walk away with something this year. For everyone who didnt win - think of it this way; Its like one of those prize giveaways - if your a lucky one then you get something otherwise your where you started which is no lose to anyone. So once again THANKYOU! SparkFun and for those people who only came for free stuff maybe you should think about ordering something so they have more funds for their IT budget.