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  • I would very much like to have you put a second current sense resistor on the board, a .143 ohm. Then with a combination of solder jumpers and cutable traces, have the ability to have a 350 MA output, 700 MA or 1amp. I think it should be possible to design the board so it had both resistors mounted with the default being the .3 ohm and 350 ma output. Cut a trace and add a solder jumper, 700 ma. Leave the trace and add the jumper, 1 amp output.

  • So far as horsepower goes, 10kw -> ~13.5 hp. The conversion is about 743 watts per hp. Don’t fuss too much about the last couple of figures. I’ve seen a variety of conversion numbers around 750 watts.

    So, given generator losses, shaft horsepower will be in the close neighborhood 15 hp.

    Another useful way to get a ballpark figure for horsepower is to use around a third of a pound of fuel per horsepower hour. This works for piston engines, no real guess as to what this little turbine might do.

    10kw -> ~350 amps at 28 volts. It would power a pretty honky stick arc welder, burn 3/8 rod at least.

  • I would really like to see you add some 3/8 xl belts to your stock. Perhaps a few common smaller sizes, then bulk belting for linear positioning. The belting is available by the roll, you could sell it by the inch. As there are few easy places to buy small quantities of timing belts on line, I would expect you to do well. I know I would buy some.

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