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  • I like your way to think about the junk others are giving away. Can you help me to find one to zap myself? (most of Rife frequencies are above 200Khz) I wonder which ones are proper to be used as a Hulda Clark Zapper (mutltiple frequency) or if you could build one for me in one hour :)

  • Haha, well, proper diagnosis with frequencies still require a lot of research to be calibrated to location, surrounding currents, static, humidity, clothing, planets, time, temperature, men in black outside irradiating you with some radioactive gun to stop finding easy cures for everyone… Sadly her technique of finding pathogens inside the body is used by the Mars Rover Curiosity (they even play the "happy birthday" with it, broadcasted live) and no doctor has yet contradicted her explanations of how each virus makes you sick. I honestly believe she knew thousands of times more than any doctor hands you put put your health in. I just noticed most of the frequencies (Rife's mostly) are above 200Khz :( Thanks for the answer.

  • Would this work as a Zapper as described in Hulda Clark Book? (1/4 Volt positive offset, square wave. Lots of resources here http://www.clarkzapper.com/FAQ.html)


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