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  • Hmm, looks like he lost interest again... Oh well...

  • P.S. You should never see a flame out the back "after" startup. If you see a flame the engine is destroying itself. The EGT should rapidly rise on start (almost enough to scare you) and then quickly come back down to normal operating temperature (just guessing, about 600 - 700 degrees F) after the pooled fuel is consumed.

  • Also, make sure the start sequence is: 1) starter spinning at max, then 2) start fuel flow, then 3) start ignition. You will see a short flame out the end as the pooled fuel lights off, and that should disappear in less than 30 seconds. If not, cut fuel and spark. The compressed air will be nice and hot when it hits the hot section. If you try to spray fuel and light it with spark without having compressed air at max, it will fail to start. You may even see fuel spilling out the back. This is normal, as until the spark, the spray settles to the bottom and out, but will make a nice flame when it does start. Keep hands and feet away from the rear during start :-)

  • With a single igniter plug kerosene is hard to start. Mix in some gasoline. I'd get rid of the propane, you're going to break it. Gasoline also makes it smoke less. Back in the old days we ran JP-4 which had gasoline in it, and now they run JP-8 to make engines last longer, but they smoke more. Maybe start with two parts kerosene to one part gasoline and see how it goes.

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