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  • Of course I don't expect them to have massive capacity for one sale. But there are so many other ways to run the promotion without doing that.
    What about a lottery with staggered entries/draws? What about (as someone suggested) a competition where people submit ideas and the best ones are drawn. What about distributing giveaways through schools and colleges?
    Whether or not this would have generated as much publicity for SparkFun I have no idea. But it sure would have been a much more professional way of doing things, and caused way less annoyance for people.
    It really doesn't take too much effort to think of a dozen better ways this could have been done. So I think apologies are in order for a poorly planned schmozzle rather than SparkFun patting themselves on the back.

  • As one of the lucky people who did get through, thank you SparkFun!
    But whilst I'm very grateful that I won, I still think the way this was executed was totally brainless. I don't think it's fair to say people are annoyed just because they didn't win free stuff. Rather, people are (rightly) annoyed that the promotion was so badly planned and executed.
    Surely it wouldn't have taken much effort to think of some other way to run the promotion that was faster and fairer. Some sort of lottery perhaps? And that didn't DDoS the servers such that even people who were willing to pay full price weren't able to get through to the site for the best part of the day.
    Honestly, I think Nate should pay more attention to the sentiments of people posting here. It's pretty insensitive of him to pretend the event was a total success when, in reality, it was carried out so poorly.
    I mean, hey, I managed to get through and even I'm annoyed. And I'm an existing SparkFun customer, too. Doesn't speak well for keeping your customers happy, does it?

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