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  • I still have my Heathkit GC-1107 alarm clock, with the optional "Handcrafted by" brass nameplate on it. I remember the first time I used it as an alarm clock. The volume is so loud on those things that I almost flew into the ceiling when reacting to it from a deep sleep!!

    A few months later, my Dad bought a GR-1075 AM/FM Clock Radio for me to build for him. That was certainly a little more challenging to build, but not impossible.

    I still have both clocks to this day!

  • Forget Square Dancing... This is CUBE DANCING!!

  • "This is MY Doghouse... and not for your BeagleBoard!!"

  • when one of the words came up as "iquitee", it was time to say to myself, "I quit-ee"

    I had too many "Incorrect Captcha" responses because the letters are too difficult to make out. How many of those "Incorrect Captchas" had a geiger counter hit behind it which I subsequently lost.

  • "Guess what, dude? I just got hired by the Zucker brothers to star in the sequel to 'Top Secret!' Wanna see the storyboard?"

  • The first set of notes you played sounded like they came from an episode of Mister Roger's Neighborhood when he was trying to demonstrate an activity.

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