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  • It's a bit late for you, but it may help someone else... the beauty of i2c is that is an open drain bus: meaning that you (not the IC) pulls it high. Just pull the two lines to 3.3v instead of 5v, and both 5v and 3.3v devices can still talk over the bus (since 3.3v is still logic high on every IC I have seen).

    May not be quite in the i2c spec (I am not sure, I am not an EE), and you may not want to do this for a commercial project, but I have done this for my own projects and it works beautifully!

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  • Power supplies are not standard for inclusion with breadboards, especially $4 mini ones...

  • I would be very interested in this as well... this seems like the perfect chip for quadcopter use, assuming it actually works on-board...

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