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  • Any additional discount for extra large orders (e.g. 500+)?

  • This is a bit confusing - if I'm creating a custom "servo" using a DC motor and slide pot, I presume that I have to first program it to correctly control the motor using the slide pot input.

    Can this programming be done over I2C via an Arduino for example? Or do I need some special AVR plug-in programming unit, and if so, which one?

  • I'm considering using this to control the MondoMatrix which is basically a multi-motor version of an Arduino board that communicates via RS-485. I'm wondering what an appropriate programming environment / application on Windows might be for controlling via this device?

  • It notes that you can control via I2C and control multiple servos with just two lines. That sounds great, but what is the maximum number of OpenServos that can be chained together?

  • Any update on a new revision of this board? Our team is VERY interested in this board, especially if the bugs are worked out and the controller is potentially simpler/cheaper. We need to order a LOT of them - 400+ units if possible (not sure if there are additional discounts for extra large volume orders?)

  • What's the maximum addressable number of inputs? Another concern about cascading multiples of these is the effective speed. If you had, let's say, 25 of these (400 inputs in total), what would the effective round-trip time be for reading data from all inputs?

  • Are these stackable / daisy-chainable? I want to get MANY inputs into an Arduino - up to 500+. Would something like this make it possible? Or would this just be unreasonably slow (i.e. would it take forever to read all 500 inputs)?

  • Any possibility of getting the 60mm version? I would order a whole bunch of them (100+). And no, I'm not kidding.

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