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Devlin is from Morrison, Colorado were he grew up on his family’s small ranch. He raised cattle, pigs and cane among other projects in 4-H. At one point, he even took ballet lessons –for six years. While attending Metropolitan State College of Denver for a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, Devlin found out about SparkFun for his project needs. After graduating, Devlin left his job at ScanCAD International to come work for SparkFun and its BatchPCB service. He no longer works for SparkFun due to BatchPCB’s overwhelming success, there was not much time for engineering work. Devlin still lives in Boulder and writes for Hack a Day.


Gerber Guru


SparkFun Electronics BatchPCB

Spoken Languages

English and a tiny bit of French.

Programming Languages

C/C++, VB, some Java and slowly forgetting Verilog


Society for the Pursuit of Hoppieness


Metropolitan State College of Denver


Reading Science Fiction: Heinlein, Niven and Brin are the most notable. Beer, there are so many different ways it can taste, it never gets old. Video games, especially World of Warcraft (PvP realm, Horde, of course). Others include: Portal, Half-Life 2, Fallout 3, 4X games, and the Final Fantasy games.



  • As far as I know, all of our boards' holes are plated through unless they are very large, in which case they are routed out when the board is routed out of the panel. If you are asking why we use a lot of surface mount parts, it is because they are much smaller, not that much harder to solder and a lot of parts only comes in surface mount packages. Does this answer your question?

  • I think it adds a bit of Sparkle…

  • Has the same font as American Apparel. I wonder if they are related?

  • Those calipers make me think: “Heat shrink!” We should carry some large diameter heat shrink tubing for a quick enclosure. Make it clear for projects with visual indicators.

  • I have heard of little businesses popping up to verify shady parts.
    The military may not want RoHS products because of the risks associated with some lead free alloys such as tin whiskers and tin pest. Now I am sure that someone from Indium, Kester or some other manufacturer will be quick to say that their solders have been tested and I am sure they have and would work fine, but the military and defense contractors might be slow to adopt these changes. Why use a new part when another part has worked for decades without issue in other designs?

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