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  • There’s a tutorial here on how to remove surface mount components:

    As the tutorial mentions, there’s always a risk of damaging other components or the circuit board when removing components, so go at your own risk. Another method would be to use a heat gun (one you might use for shrink wrap) to melt the solder around the component and then carefully remove with a pair of tweezers.

  • The XSC modules are compatible with this dongle with some minor hardware hacking. If you remove either the RSSI LED or its current limiting resistor (labeled as R4 on the schematic but it doesn’t appear to be clearly labelled on the PCB) from the dongle, it should stop putting the radio module into Pitch mode. See this for more information:

  • If you have access to a multimeter, ensure that the traces make a connection to the y-axis sensor. Also, try testing the resistance of the y-axis sensor (should read ~36 ohms, as well as the x and z). I’ve had the same problem with a newer sensor.

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