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  • Hi ,

    i test the pins at the RedBot Mainboard: SENSOR A0 , A1 = Digital 14 and 15 SENSOR A2 , A3 = Digital 16 and 17 SENSOR A4 , A5 = Digital 18 and 19 SENSOR A6 , A7 = UNKNOWN ??????

    And use a simple line tracking sensor example : ///Arduino Sample Code void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { Serial.println(digitalRead(18)); // print the data from the sensor delay(500);

    But what pins are used for A6 and A7 ????

    Thanks in advance !!

    Patrick , The Netherlands

  • Thanks RobertC,

    I will do this.


    Patrick Spelbos , The Netherlands

  • Hello,

    I bought the RedBot , but nothing will happen when i install the library and DEMO sketch, sometimes the kit is turn rounds only , but will not folllow the lines ? Also the library_demo is not working, it turns ½ round and stopped. The accelerometer is working i think ? , when i push the kit it will turn rounds only, at the serialmonitor it will show “Hello World ” but that’s it.

    I use IDE Version 1.0 and tryed other IDE versions , I have download the library and install it at : C:\Program Files\arduino-1.0\libraries , just as the other libraries.

    I hope someone can assist me to solve this issue,

    excuse of my bad english ;-((

    Thanks in advance ,

    Patrick, the Netherlands

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