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I’m also on the EEVBlog forum as MrAureliusR. Just discovered SparkFun – what a handy website! The breakout boards in particular are extremely handy. Will be ordering many things soon!

  • It’s almost $400CDN… that’s just mental considering it’s $179USD on Digilent’s website.

  • Seriously guys? You don’t even carry the BNC breakout board, and you’ve added $100 to the price?! What the hell?

  • Not to burst your bubble, but when operating from a battery source capacitors are completely unnecessary on a regulator. Also, I’d highly recommend using AAs instead of 9V, the capacity of 9V batteries is actually much lower than what most people think.

  • What are you confused about specifically? You connect the pins on this to any GPIO pin, and then control them from software.

  • Should have just bought a Bus Pirate.

  • Again, why not just use a Bus Pirate?!?

  • I’d also agree with the skill levels being wrong… no programming required, and the prototyping skill level should be higher as there’s some long math equations involved. Plus you could (potentially) be dealing with dangerous voltages and currents.

  • Even at low currents, that zener is going to COOK. Just pick up a small transformer, they’re cheap.

  • I don’t understand, why wouldn’t you just buy a Bus Pirate for the same price?

  • It’s definitely needed. That integrated diode is what’s called a ‘body diode’ or ‘parasitic diode’ which cannot handle large currents at all. It’s just an effect of the MOS manufacturing process.

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