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  • I've used these for arduino projects, and they are very versatile. Has anyone had any luck using other bootloaders or IDEs to program these over USB? I've been trying to use Atmel's DFU bootloader with Atmel Studio, Flip and other DFU programming utilities to no avail.

  • Why is this inverter double the price of the battery operated one? They both take three volts and seem to drive 2x 3m wires just fine.

  • I'm having some problems with the hardware serial on this board, maybe someone could help me out. I have an OLED screen (model below) receiving serial data from this board. Over SoftwareSerial it works, but transfer is very slow, and I was trying to just use 0,1 pins to save program space. However, when I switch the serial used in the code to "Serial" and switch the pins to 0,1, I get nothing from the screen. It works on the hardware serial of both a Duemilanove and a Due. From the serial monitor I can see that signals are being sent at the appropriate times that are reaching the USB connection, but the screen isn't responding. This is the case on USB power as well as a a separate power supply. Any thoughts?

  • Could we get a picture of all of the battery offerings side by side? I recently saw this one in a saw and was surprised (foolishly I suppose) by how much bigger it was than the 1Ah. Some reference other than the specs and a quarter would be nice.

  • Above method got my 5v unbricked, Thanks!

  • Since the MIT HLT lab site is no longer around, and all guides point to that, does anyone know where I can get the core files for this chip? I'm looking to use arduinoISP with this.

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