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  • Not sure, but it seems like I have a defective one. Now it's emitting a 12 key while idle. Using the demo program, so nothing fancy is going on.

  • If I hold a key down, it should report the initial keypress and then ignore because the same key is being detected. Sometimes, if I hold down the 4 key, for instance, it returns a 3 and then bounces back and forth between 3s and 4s. It happens with other keys, too and it's always key and key-1. What's up with that?

  • What's the center-to-center spacing on the buttons?

  • Hi, I'm a software guy, so please go easy on me! I need to drive 4 9v devices (in current sinking mode) that draw close to 20ma each with a Pro Mini. I know this is very close to the limit on the outputs. I need a simple circuit that will get this done.

  • So THIS is why customer service never gets back to me!

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