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  • My main bitch is that "|", 7C, the vertical bar character is not there. However, it IS the command character. When porting code from a previous design that used parallel LCD I/O, I "inadvertently" sent a whole s**tload of strings that were interpreted as commands and the units were not even able to be resurrected by SparkFun techsupport. This is also apparently true for all Serial LCD units based on the Sparkfun Serial-LCD Backpack module though whether it kills the unit so permanently is unknown to me.

    Sigh, so I gotta buy a couple more displays.

  • As a high power rocketry enthusiast, these products set me to drooling over the idea of building my ideal flight computer. The biggest issues are Z axis maximum G ratings (I need something on the order of 100-150G's) and gyro rates (here I need on the order of 3600 deg/sec). The components are getting there, but the ranges aren't yet. For a UAV, it looks like what is needed is here already, for rocketry - particularly for active guidance control on a bird pulling 70 G's off the pad it just isn't looking ready yet.

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