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  • I encountered a similar issue trying to use the sparkfun example with an SD card. In my case, I was using the DeadOn RTC and sparkfun example with the sparkfun microSD shield stacked on top of an arduino uno r3. I was initially only able to get either the SD or RTC working at any time despite an hour of troubleshooting.

    Eventually I came to this comment and changed the ReadTimeDate and SetTimeDate functions (added the two lines below at the beginning/end of the functions) to take care of the SPI mode switching, and everything works great!.

      SPI.setDataMode(SPI_MODE3);  // switch mode to clock
      SPI.setDataMode(SPI_MODE0);  // switch mode to SD

    I also changed this line, as the SD chip select is pin 8

    const int  cs=10; // RTC chip select

    Finally, I changed the date format to yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss including 0 placeholders for single digit values, which is much more useful to me:

        temp.concat("-") ;
        if (TimeDate[5]<10) {
          temp.concat("0"); }
        temp.concat("-") ;
        if (TimeDate[4]<10) {
          temp.concat("0"); }
    temp.concat("  ") ;
        if (TimeDate[2]<10) {
          temp.concat("0"); }
    temp.concat(":") ;
        if (TimeDate[1]<10) {
          temp.concat("0"); }
    temp.concat(":") ;
        if (TimeDate[0]<10) {
          temp.concat("0"); }

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