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  • Product WRL-09954 | about 8 months ago

    Good day Member #320550, I’m Yannick, third year student at the faculty of electrical engineering at TUT (www.tut.ac.za) here in South Africa. I’m working on a project based on creating a wireless network using arduino uno-R3 and the breakout board WiFly-Shield 2.21 RN-131C from sparkfun… I’m using arduino 1.0.5 skecth, and still testing my shield to see if it responds as expected: like receiving “CMD” after sending “$$$”. But I do not receive such response from it, I’m busy working on it hoping to figure it out soon; meantime I’d like you to please check the following code of mine I used to do it, hoping you would give me a hint to solve it…. Thanks, Kind regards.

    “ / This code tests my Sparkfun WiFly-Shield /

    // headers files or librairies #include

    // Declare/Initialize Vars. int rx_in = 0, tx_out = 1, cnt = 0; char wif_dat[5];

    // Functions prototypes

    // set up function, run once when program starts void setup() { //set i/o pinMode(rx_in,INPUT); pinMode(tx_out,OUTPUT); //Initialize serial com. port at 9600 bps Serial.begin(9600); // Serial.print(“set uart baudrate 9600”); }

    //loop function, run infinitely after program starts void loop() { //Set shield in command mode //Serial.println(“$$$”); delay(200); //wait till data arrive while( Serial.available() > 0 ) { wif_dat[cnt] = Serial.read(); cnt++; }

    wif_dat[cnt] = ‘\0’; Serial.println(wif_dat); }

    //Functions "

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