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  • Thanks, my converter on the smartphone was wrong, when I did it by hand and dumb calculator, I have you at the loading gate of Sparkfun.

  • so you have been to to boulder creek near N 107th st and goose haven dr. in boulder colo on 04 dec at 20:02 utc or 1:02 pm this was read off of the RMC line

  • that’s what i thought at first but the volt & amps don’t seem to match up to the sign (in one part of the video the volt are zero but he sign is lit)

  • ok what with the power supply in the upper left corner of the video?

  • does anyone know the current rating for this tape? i plan on useing it to reattach a wire to the glass on a window defogger and this is the best i have found so far

  • Where did you find uranium rods? Everytime I try to look for some, men in black suits take over my neighborhood trying to look for something.

  • OK i got a few days ago. It works great for MREs, the spork side is larger than the mre spoon and is at the right angle for scooping out of the pouch, the serrated part works ok for opening the pouches (about as good as a butter knife) i find the logo part works better, haven’t tried the bottle opener yet (need to get downrange for that), the hole for the para-cord could be bigger (say ¼ inch instead of 1/8 in) i would give 4.5 flames out of 5. The rest of the guys in my squad want one. Please think of the troops and send some of these in a care package!!!

  • sold out already i see

  • those photo-lum panels are used alot on ships for emergency signs (exit, fire extinguisher etc..) they also make 50ft rolls in 1in, 2in, and 4in widths

  • are these paper or vinyl stickers? because i would really like them to be vinyl since those last longer

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