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  • Alice in Wonderland did some odd seeding. I found “the” in 5 doubles, 2 triples, and a quintuple on your example. I’m curious how that happened- a bug in the generation code, strange text in the source, or what. A quick drop in on the html version on didn’t pop up with even a single instance of double “the”.

  • “BachPCB” sounds like a good name for an embedded board built by these folks.

  • That looks like some sort of flux removal- water, rubbing alcohol, or possibly some specialized formula. Electronics solder wire (including the one we sell and use in production) will often have a flux core to allow better wetting and flow when you solder your parts in. The residue left after soldering is often a little sticky, slightly conductive, and may eventually corrode your board. It’s a good idea to clean the board when you are done, just make sure you let the board dry completely before connecting it to power.

  • Looking back, it seems that the crowdfunding campaign delivered exactly what they promised. Too bad there was a lot of small print.

  • Dual SIM phones are actually amazingly popular in many countries. It allows for people to have a single phone for work/business and personal use, or to have separate plans from different carriers for data/texting/voice/etc.

    As far as the function, it should just be controlled through the software side of things, which SIM module connections go though. Pretty cool stuff, and it’s starting to gain a little traction in the US now too.

  • Mine too!

  • This may be why you don’t want to mix beer and engineers. We do it as often as possible!

  • Glad all that time I spent snipping those tiny tape and reel parts is appreciated! Enjoy the kit, it’s on my (ridiculously long) list of projects to do as well.

    —–Erik, SFE Kitting Dept.