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  • This sensor will not give you great heading accuracy without proper calibration. You need to remove the biases on the x,y,z planes for both the magnetometer, gyro and the accelerometer to get headings that make sense. On top of that, the board layout will affect the measured magnetic field causing the response surface for the magnetometer x,y,z to be non-spherical. You need to apply a vector transform to compensate. You can use a program called "Magneto v1.2" to determine both the biases and the transform that needs to be applied based on samples taken as you rotate the board around all axis. Once you do all that, you can get +/- 4-5 degrees heading accuracy when using Mahony/Madgwick sensor fusion algorithms. The MPU9250 is now officially end-of-life (EOL) by Invensens/TDK. Although the TDK ICM-20948 is supposed to be a replacement (and pin compatible) it operates the I2C at a maximum of 1.8v.

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