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  • One thing I have not heard addressed and in my experience is important on keeping your tips in good working order is how you store the tips when the iron is off.
    I was taught and have had a high amount of success in keeping my tips lasting a long time by keeping the metal protected with a fresh coat of solder when I’m done.
    In general, clean the tip off while it’s hot, then put a coat of solder on it covering the entire shinny bit. When happy with the coat (a big ugly coat isn’t going to hurt it) and when you feel it’s covering the entire working surface, turn the iron off. This will help protect the metal when the iron is not in use, and give a good indicator when the tip is almost warm enough for use.
    By doing this, I have Weller tips that still work as good as new and have their original shape.

  • Anyone know if this product will be updated to the new ATmega328 chip? I love this little setup, but would love a little more space for more advanced programs.

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