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  • Unless I'm seeing wrong, you say "AVR 8 Pin 10MHz 2K 4A/D - ATtiny13" and then say it has 1K program space? Eh? And is it 10 or 20MHz max clock?

  • correction: new boards say "6-25-08"

  • I programmed the fuses like Sparkfun said, and now I'm locked out of anything further. Your fuses made the Atmega look for an external 8 MHz oscillator. THERE IS NONE on the new boards (they say "8-25-08"). Therefore, I'm locked out of any more programming, fuse setting, running, or doing ANYTHING requiring a clock cycle. Now I'll have to buy an 8 MHz crystal and cram it in. By the way, for anyone looking at this tutorial, use these fuses instead:
    low fuse: 0xC2
    high fuse: 0xCD
    extended fuse: 0x00
    ...making the command like this:
    avrdude -p atmega168 -P lpt1 -c stk200 -U lfuse:w:0xc2:m -U hfuse:w:0xcd:m
    Oh, and the firmware is outdated. Using the right fuses, and programming your "latest" (1 year old) hex, all it seems to do is light up red and blue. When I press a button, green and yellow turn on. Nothing else.

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