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  • For those of us who live in ranch houses in CA ( no basement ), does a ladder count ? Otherise, I have no stairs ? Unless the 2 or 3 steps up to my porch count !

  • Maverick got the feeling that no one quite understood what he meant when he said he was interviewing for a new “goose”

  • Strangest “According to Pete” I’ve seen in a while !

  • Robert channels his inner Billy Mays.

  • The correct venue for FTDI’s action is in the courts. Bricking a piece of hardware with no indication to the use as to why is completely unethical, as well as potentially illegal. Let’s put this in context. A piece of life saving equipment may be stop working unbeknownst to the use and/or tech due to a Windows update. Is that OK ? Is it OK if your mother is connected to it at the time ?

    Just as Fluke did with the multimeters, the place to fix this is with the distributors and importers, not with the end user.

    If I have a RS232 to USB cable and it stops working, whats to stop me going out and buying another, and it also gets bricked ? How many times will I have to buy one to get a working one ?

    This is FTDI’s equivalent to th Ford gas tank problem. They figured it was cheaper to pay out at a class action lawsuit in several years, than to pay the legal fees to fight this properly today.

  • At least it proves I was paying attention, lol !

    The images seem a bit bigger than normal, boy is that a big 2*8 header. Then links introduce a lot of space below the item, and there isn’t much description text between the items.

    Overall, seem like I’m scrolling a lot to read not much text.

    Maybe work a bit of CSS magic, left justify the images, and place the price and buy links to the right ? That it could be the same, or a mini version of the “add to cart” section from the regular page. Maybe even just the price and add to cart button, and have the rest pop up on a flyover with the volume pricing etc.

    Also, I thought on Friday the buy links were fixed, but now seem to be on a flyover.

  • Have to be the neysayer who doesn’t like the new format with the buy links. Too big and distracting, especially on the front page.

  • Try as he might, Pete never stared in a Hair Club For Men advert !

  • I can easily fly a drone over my property and still checkout both the pools in neighbouring houses. If I had a drone !

  • I don’t like the paint colour, can you change it ?

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