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  • Sparknado !

  • Sparkfun’s definitely jumped the shark lately

  • What’s Nates new title ?

    Also, a typo on his Bio page “Nathan successfully sold BachPCB to OSH Park” , missing “t” in Batch

  • Everything has a price. As an Engineering Director I’ve paid for nothing for free tools and hundreds in engineering hours to work around them. I’ve also paid thousands for tool chains with problems, but usually a lot less than a free tool chain. There is a price to entry for most things. In general, when it comes to delivering a product on time, pay for the toolchain, compared to engineering hours and missed delivery schedules, it’s the least expensive part of the equation.

  • I can’t put my finger exactly on it why, but I’m a little disturbed that this was done on Sparkfun’s website. This feels like something that a person is more than free to do and blog about on their own, but putting this out on Sparkfun’s website feels kinda wrong. Since the article has no disclaimers tied to it, one persons opinion etc, sentences like “This is just another case of a paranoid, uninformed person with an axe to grind polluting the scientific literature (not to mention public opinion). It might have slightly more legitimacy than the “anti-vax” movement.”

    become the voice and position of the company, and probably not one which the company would want to stand behind.

  • Is it a custom version of grbl or default. The latest version allows a “restore to factory defaults” option. If you build your own version of grbl with settings for the shapeoko, then you can issue a $RST=$ command to go back to the defaults

  • Is that a Blue SMiRF in your pants or are you just pleased to see me

  • Rather than fire anyone, Sparkfun started moving peoples offices to a really uncomfortable spot

  • Will this work with the Photon redboard ?

  • I have an old motorcycle battery that I bring, along with crock clips to the 12V cigarette lighter socket. That way I can put the air mattress inside the tent before blowing it up with the 12V pump. It also allows for recharging phones etc without having to turn the car on. Nothing is truly funnier than watching someone blow up an air mattress next to their car, and then spend 20 minutes trying to fold it in half to get through the small opening of the tent.

    Also, since you normally blow the mattress up with warm air during the day, it gets a bit soft at night. So the battery allows a quick top off the mattress right before bed with the cooler night time air.

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