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  • In a catch that would have made any outfielder happy, he was able to catch the “red box” AVC airplane entry before it hit the Atmel trailer.

  • After this, Atmel decided to stop serving the “Super bean burrito” in hospitality

  • ET never achieved the same kind of success again as he did the night he rode the flying bicycle.

  • Presuming that your system is DMX, why not just have the controller DMX ( plenty of Arduino libraries ) with no UI. I don’t know the Femtobuck, but I’m assuming the serial command string could have had channel and intensity added. That way you could have setup chases on the console to create flicker as well, and not needed a person backstage to run the controller.

  • For those of us who live in ranch houses in CA ( no basement ), does a ladder count ? Otherise, I have no stairs ? Unless the 2 or 3 steps up to my porch count !

  • Maverick got the feeling that no one quite understood what he meant when he said he was interviewing for a new “goose”

  • Strangest “According to Pete” I’ve seen in a while !

  • Robert channels his inner Billy Mays.

  • The correct venue for FTDI’s action is in the courts. Bricking a piece of hardware with no indication to the use as to why is completely unethical, as well as potentially illegal. Let’s put this in context. A piece of life saving equipment may be stop working unbeknownst to the use and/or tech due to a Windows update. Is that OK ? Is it OK if your mother is connected to it at the time ?

    Just as Fluke did with the multimeters, the place to fix this is with the distributors and importers, not with the end user.

    If I have a RS232 to USB cable and it stops working, whats to stop me going out and buying another, and it also gets bricked ? How many times will I have to buy one to get a working one ?

    This is FTDI’s equivalent to th Ford gas tank problem. They figured it was cheaper to pay out at a class action lawsuit in several years, than to pay the legal fees to fight this properly today.

  • At least it proves I was paying attention, lol !

    The images seem a bit bigger than normal, boy is that a big 2*8 header. Then links introduce a lot of space below the item, and there isn’t much description text between the items.

    Overall, seem like I’m scrolling a lot to read not much text.

    Maybe work a bit of CSS magic, left justify the images, and place the price and buy links to the right ? That it could be the same, or a mini version of the “add to cart” section from the regular page. Maybe even just the price and add to cart button, and have the rest pop up on a flyover with the volume pricing etc.

    Also, I thought on Friday the buy links were fixed, but now seem to be on a flyover.

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